Hoodboi Reconvenes With ASTR On “Closer”


For an artist who made a name for himself remixing ’90s classics a couple years ago, Hoodboi has come out with a tune that succeeds in riding the new future bass wave. He had previously remixed a track for experimental pop/R&B duo ASTR, and has now joined forces with them on his latest track, “Closer.”

Brimming with vibrant synth work that compliments vocalist Zoe Silverman’s impassioned vocals, every measure of “Closer” exudes infectious sensuality. After a chorus of pad synths at each drop gives the track an undeniable danceability, a piano roll at the end wraps it up with simple serenity.

In the track’s SoundCloud blurb, Hoodboi wrote:

I was hit up by ASTR last year to do a remix for their song “Activate Me.” The remix ended up being one of my favorite tracks i’d worked on. When they came to LA, we met up and made Closer. I’m happy to finally share this one with you, thanks for listening.

Listen to Hoodboi‘s “Closer” featuring ASTR via the player above and be sure to drop a comment below letting us know what you think.