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We’ve all had it — the itch you get when you want to make a significant change. Be it a new career path to a new hairstyle, it’s human to desire change, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic keeping so many of us homebound for the last two years.

Sometimes those changes are easy to make, and other times, they’re a little more complicated. A TikTok filter that’s growing in popularity is helping us decide on a life-long question we’ve almost all asked ourselves and the struggle that question can lead to. How is TikTok helping? By showing us all what we would look like with bangs.

Yes, bangs — a fringe, whatever you call them — you’ve likely spent some time debating if they were suitable for your face. The process of growing your hair out is a big deal, and cutting bangs can be a pretty big decision that comes with the risk of knowing — if you hate them — that you’re stuck with them for months (if not longer).

What is the bangs filter on TikTok?

The bangs filter on TikTok allows you to see what you’d look like with bangs before making the cut! The filter recognizes your face and gives you instant (and pretty cute) bangs. You can check out just how they’d frame your face and if you think the look works for you.

The filter has been used by people who are genuinely curious about getting their hair cut, and also by people who are just having a blast with the look they’d never truly commit to. Some of us have tried the bangs look before and love it, while others — well, they weren’t exactly a look we’d try again.

We may have listened to the song in this video more times than we’d like to admit after seeing this.

We tried the filter ourselves, and we have to say, our reaction is much like this one — we’re just not so sure about the whole bangs thing.

How can you get the bangs filter on TikTok?

Curious to see how you’d look with bangs? Here’s how to get the effect: 

  • Open TikTok on your phone or device
  • Click on the Discover tab
  • Type the word ‘bangs filter’ into the search bar and hit search
  • There are several filters that will give you bangs, but the one causing a stir is created by eren.dere. The effect is the first that shows up in our search bar, but you can tap into it to make sure it’s the correct one on your ap. 
  • Click the red record button and find out how you like the look. 
  • *side note* If you want to find out who created an effect, you can tap on the desired effect and find out who the creator is. 

You’ll also find a slew of other users who have loved (or totally hated) the bangs filter on TikTok too, and their reactions range from totally hilarious to utterly pleased with the idea.


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♬ Use sound if racist – Tik Toker

Que chulis 😂😂 @zabdieldejesus42

♬ original sound – Madisyn Kraeger

What are some other popular videos on TikTok?

If you’re not concerned with bangs or hairstyles, there are still great TikTok videos for you to enjoy. Right now, with the 2022 Olympic Games — there’s an #AskTeamUSA trending hashtag that allows you to check-in with the athletes from the US preparing for and taking part in the winter games.

There are also several videos under the hashtag #SuperBowl if you want to keep up with everything going on before this weekend’s big game.

You can also find the trend #LoveSongCovers just in time for Valentine’s Day, and if romance isn’t your gig this year — that’s okay too; there are some emotional and catchy breakup songs, too.

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