‘I Am Groot’ director calls the star of the show ‘a little bad baby who’s very mischievous’

A still of the beloved treelike Groot
via Disney Plus

If you ask anyone what they love most about the Guardians of the Galaxy, several responses will be the adorable and feisty Groot. So fans were thrilled with the news that Disney Plus is introducing a new series highlighting the character: I Am Groot

Groot is a beloved character called everything from a tree to a twig with a three-word vocabulary. Now, that’s not to say those three words don’t pack a punch. Groot can say a lot with just eight letters, and in the upcoming Disney Plus series focused on the character, he will be quite naughty with them. 

Director Kirsten Lepore tells Empire that Groot will still be an adorable baby, but he’ll be up to no good!

“As much as it’s still Groot and he’s still cute, he’s also a little bad baby who’s very mischievous. There aren’t a lot of comedy shows on the Marvel animation roster, so even though they are shorts, we really got to play up how funny they are.”

The animated shorts will highlight Groot’s comedic and exciting storyline and some exciting visits from friends. Newly released log lines for each episode promise that Groot is never short on adventure. 

One episode, titled “Little Guy,” shares that Groot also fully steps into the role of a hero for unlikely new friends. 

“It’s hard to be the little guy, but when Baby Groot accidentally uncovers a civilization of miniature blue aliens, the tables are turned. At first intimidated by the seemingly enormous tree toddler, the Grunds soon discover he’s the hero they’ve been waiting for.”

I Am Groot begins streaming on Disney Plus on Aug. 10.