Infinity Countdown Trailer Teases Marvel’s Next Big Storyline


In recent years, Marvel’s big events have been somewhat reactionary to whatever may be going on in the movies, with Civil War II being a prime example of that. And with the theatrical release of Avengers: Infinity War being just around the corner, many True Believers were probably expecting for some sort of grand cosmic tale to develop. Well, if that was your assumption, then you were 100% correct.

As it turns out, it’ll come in the form of Infinity Countdown, a five-issue series which we’re learning about via the exact same hyberbole that preceded every Marvel event in the past decade or so.  Being billed as “the greatest epic in the history of the Infinity Stones” that will “lead to an even greater story – and one that will impact the entire Marvel Universe.”

Now, with the story kicking off in but a matter of days, the House of Ideas are doing their best to get potential readers hyped with a new trailer that ever so teases what’s to come in their next literary blockbuster. Narrated by editor-in-chief C.B. Cebulski and series writer Gerry Duggan, the video package takes us inside the event, all the while offering up some stunning images provided by artist Aaron Kuder.

Normally, you’d expect for stories such as this to showcase the cosmic side of the Marvel Universe – and it will – but what adds to the intrigue is that atypical characters are added to the mix, namely the mysteriously resurrected Wolverine, who’s been carrying around an Infinity Stone of his own and appearing in various “post-credits scenes” in a variety of titles as of late.

So, while we wait to see what this’ll be counting down to, we’ll just enjoy the ride. Of course, the fact that this series has so much going for it and it bears a title similar to a certain movie that we mentioned earlier, it’s probably safe to say that it’ll sit pretty near the top of Diamond’s sales charts for the foreseeable future.

Infinity Countdown #1 arrives in comic shops this Wednesday, March 7.