Wolverine Appears In Two New Post-Credits Scenes This Week


After spending a few years on ice, Wolverine sure is making an impact on readers with his return to the Marvel Universe, even if it’s been a bit subtle thus far. If you’ll recall, he began appearing in various epilogue sequences that the House of Ideas have dubbed “post-credits scenes” throughout the month of January. But, as it turns out, Logan isn’t finished lurking in the shadows, as the publisher has given us the Valentine’s Day gift of placing him in two more.

In his first visit this week, he stopped by Avengers #690, a comic book that also saw Earth’s Mightiest Heroes do battle with the Lethal Legion and the Black Order. Wolvie, however, played it cool by walking down an alley while boasting a blue glow.

To be honest, our best guess says this had less to do with lighting and more to do with the Infinity Stone that he has in his possession. Perhaps giving him a brand new blue raspberry flavor, the artifact he’s had in tow since his return has been a hot talking point amongst True Believers, and this’ll likely fuel speculation even more.

Similarly, Logan popped up at the end of Marvel Two-in-One #3 where Hydro-Man apparently decided to channel the spirit of Yogi Bear by seeing a campsite as a chance to help himself to some free samples. But, unfortunately for him, that’s where Wolverine had decided to spend the night, as he let Hydro-Man know that he’d just made the biggest mistake of his life.

Should Logan continue appearing in post-credits scenes, we’ll be sure to let you know. Regardless, we encourage you to check out the Hunt for Wolverine one-shot that ships this April, as well as the four miniseries that are set to spin from it in May, which are expected to provide substantial answers regarding what’s been going on.