Marvel Announces Four Separate Hunt For Wolverine Miniseries


If you’ve been keeping up with the Marvel Universe as of late, then you’re well aware of how Wolverine has been lurking in the shadows, popping up in various “post-credits scenes” in several of the publisher’s marquee titles. What we don’t know, however, is how the heck is he walking around? And why does he have an Infinity Stone?

Well, it looks as though we may have some answers before long.

As you may have heard, a special one-shot will arrive this April that’ll get the ball rolling for what we’re here to discuss today. Titled The Hunt for Wolverine #1, it’ll see Charles Soule – the very man who penned Death of Wolverine a few years back – return for the natural followup.

But what’s to come has us even more excited, because Soule himself will oversee a quartet of miniseries under the Hunt for Wolverine banner that’ll feature “classic Marvel characters from Daredevil to Kitty Pryde to Spider-Man to Iron Man, major Marvel heroes will become part of Wolverine’s mystery as they try to track down Logan and figure out his secrets. But with answers come more questions…and with reveals come even more mysteries. Every clue leads to another twisting road and each story will provide fans with another tantalizing piece of the puzzle that will lead readers closer to finding out the real truth!”

After reading all that and perusing the cover gallery above, you’ve probably figured out that several eclectic groups will be coming together in order to get to the bottom of this. Not only that, but some dynamite creative teams will be charting the course on the books, those being Weapon Lost, written by Soule and drawn by Matteo Buffagni; Adamantium Agenda, written by Tom Taylor and drawn by R.B. Silva; Claws of a Killer, written by Mariko Tamaki and drawn by Butch Guice; and, finally, Mystery in Madripoor, written by Jim Zub and drawn by Chris Bachalo.

Set to launch in May, we’ll keep you posted on these Hunt for Wolverine miniseries as more develops.