It’s 2022 and ‘Harry Potter’ fans are still arguing over whether Snape deserved redemption

The Harry Potter debate continues on Reddit as fans argue if Hogwarts Professor Severus Snape was redeemed in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Have fans finally found that common ground in this long and ongoing debate?

Reddit user u/BlockedByBAM shared their thoughts on Snape’s redemption arc, saying that he did and that others who thought otherwise “don’t know character arcs work”. The Reddit user pointed out how Snape improved throughout the franchise and that he also risked his life to save others.

The “great Snape debate” has been an ongoing topic for a long time. So a handful of fans grabbed their popcorn as they watched their fellow wizards and witches discuss the topic again.

A few Potter fans agreed with OP’s argument and have pointed out how Snape’s personality changed from someone who was an apathetic bully to a hero willing to save others.

Meanwhile, others thought Snape was just a flawed and complex character that was explored slowly throughout the franchise. I mean, despite his hatred for Harry in the first few films, he did ask Dumbledore if he was asking too much from the young boy.

However, whatever argument fans have shared won’t convince Potter fans that Snape is still a terrible person who only did things for his own self-interest.

It seems like this debate won’t stop anytime soon. As much as fans tried to justify Snape’s behavior and character development, there was a handful who still believed that Snape only protected Harry because of Lily. Maybe someday fans will find a common ground about Snape’s character arc but I guess today’s not that day.