‘It’s a-me…’: Pedro Pascal one-ups Chris Pratt as ‘The Last of Us’ meets ‘Mario Kart’

Pedro Pascal
Screengrab via YouTube/Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live often comes up with gems that set the internet on fire. They’ve done it again with a very creative parody that is a Mario Kart trailer in the style of HBO’s hit drama, The Last of Us. When Pedro Pascal turned around as Mario, the audience went wild, and fans are still buzzing.

It is the video game mashup we didn’t know we needed.

Of course, Chris Pratt voices Mario in the upcoming animated comedy, The Super Mario Bros. Movie, which is scheduled to hit theaters in April. With a star lineup that includes Anya Taylor-Joy as the princess, Charlie Day as Luigi, Jack Black as Bowser, and Seth Rogen as Donkey Kong, it is set to be a blockbuster. Thanks to the SNL sketch, Pascal has fans calling for him to take over as Mario.

In a thick Italian accent with a dramatic pause to boot, “It’s a-me…Mario” hits perfectly in the ridiculously dark and gritty take on Mario Kart. The jokes kept coming as Captain Goomba and his squad are coming after Mario, Luigi, and the princess. Toad gets killed by Bowser’s mushroom, and the princess learns how inconsequential a crash is in the Mario Bros. world.

As hilarious as the mock trailer was, some fans are wondering how the skit was done with such high quality.

There was some extra quality, time, and thought that was put into the trailer to really make it pop because after all, it’s good advertising dollars at work.

How does SNL get the skits done so quickly? Here’s some insight into the hectic schedule that goes into making it all work.

How much work went into and how long did it take? Here’s some insight from a crew member who actually worked on it.

Now, there has to be a new TLOU edition of MK to follow, right?

Many fans got a kick out of the two characters identifying as bisexual, but as one fan pointed it there was a huge missed opportunity here.

There is no perfect formula to what’s going to hit and what’s not when it comes to SNL skits. It had everything and the whole crew knew exactly what they had.