Jamie Lee Curtis hypes ‘Halloween Ends’ with a single tweet

Halloween Ends Laurie Strode
Screengrab via YouTube

David Gordon Green’s bone-chilling Halloween saga is officially set to conclude with Halloween Ends, which plans to showcase the final battle between immortal figure Michael Myers and beloved heroine Laurie Strode. And while many people believe this won’t be the last we see of Myers, others are confident that this will be Jamie Lee Curtis’ final appearance as Strode — and she’s pulling out all the stops to promote the horror extravaganza.

Over on her official Twitter account, Curtis posted an eye-popping image with white, bolded letters that read: “FINAL GIRL.” The image depicts a modern-day Laurie Strode side-by-side with the character in John Carpenter’s 1978 classic Halloween. “7 WEEKS,” Curtis captioned the tweet, which is certainly enough to get fans hyped. You can check out the tweet for yourself down below:

In response, a plethora of fans and tweeters basked in the glory of Curtis’ reminder — as if we weren’t hyped up enough already:

And from what we’ve seen in the film’s recent teaser, the hype is not only real but it’s completely justified. In the weeks leading up to the final entry in the trilogy, diehard fans are desperate to piece together the puzzling plot — with folks already debating as to which character will land the final killing blow to Michael Myers, assuming that The Shape will actually die.

For now, Halloween enthusiasts and Michael Myers stans can begin their countdown clocks as Halloween Ends will be released in theaters and simultaneously on Peacock on Oct. 14.