Jason Bateman says ‘Ozark’ has a satisfying ending ‘without smacking you in the face’


One of the trickiest aspects of a show’s final season is delivering a satisfying ending that will appeal to both critics and audiences alike. Ahead of the final batch of episodes of Ozark’s fourth and final season releasing on Netflix on April 29, star Jason Bateman is discussing just how powerful the long-awaited conclusion to the award-winning series will actually be.

While speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Bateman — who plays fan favorite Marty Byrde — has revealed that the series ends in an “elegant way” with a satisfying approach that won’t necessarily “smack” viewers in the face with intensity.

I just think it ends in such a — pardon the term — elegant way, consistent with the measured approach [his character, Marty] took to all of these extraordinary circumstances. In other words. I think it would have been easy to really push the TNT lever down and have some big, huge, forced crescendo at the end. It’s only a spoiler to say that it’s not that. It’s much more consistent with our show, where the ending has a very satisfying resolution, but it doesn’t smack you in the face.

The final seven episodes of the thrilling series will look to explore the dangerous implications surrounding Marty and the rest of the Byrde clan — which is expected to include death, betrayal, power, and struggle. On the other hand, Bateman himself recently revealed that Ozark will receive a “sort of” happy ending — though with stakes as high as they are, that seems unlikely.

See how it all ends when part two of Ozark season four drops on Netflix on April 29.

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