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Jensen Ackles reveals his big scene from ‘The Boys’ was cut for time

He still managed to get the point across.

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Fans had been patiently biding their time to get Jensen Ackles’ Soldier Boy in all his glory after being teased throughout season 3 of The Boys, and based on the reactions from the fans in the aftermath of last week’s episode, he didn’t disappoint.

Freed from decades of being experimented on (and packing a brand new set of deadly powers), the Supe found himself back in New York City and seeking vengeance. One of his first ports of call was an encounter with old flame Crimson Countess, which ended up with his traitorous ex-lover being turned into a smoldering pile of ash.

It was an intense reunion to say the least, and set things up nicely for Soldier Boy and Billy Butcher to form an unexpected alliance with the aim of killing Homelander, but Ackles revealed to Digital Spy that the climactic showdown was supposed to be even longer.

“To be honest, when we filmed that scene, it was a lot longer. I think they had to cut it down for time or whatever. But it got pretty heated, that conversation, and Soldier Boy gets really verbally explosive. They cut that out. And I think it probably serviced the scene better, because he does stay calm now, throughout the whole thing. And then it’s just boom. I think it works just great the way they cut it together.”

Even with a shortened version of the scene making the final cut, it still conveyed the message that Soldier Boy wasn’t best pleased with being betrayed by those he trusted, and his sights are now set firmly on Homelander and Vought. The Boys is heading in an explosive direction, and we can’t wait to see how it all pans out.

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