Justice League Snyder Cut Trailer Reportedly Features DeSaad

Justice League

DC FanDome is set to deliver a lot of DC goodness later this month, and one thing we know to expect is a trailer for the Justice League Snyder Cut. It’ll be interesting to see what the trailer features and what it doesn’t, though. Obviously, we know the plot, seeing as we’ve seen this movie in a different form already, so it’ll likely tease the new additions to the film that fans desperately want to see. A brief glimpse at Darkseid, for one, will blow everyone’s mind.

We’re not sure if the ruler of Apokolips himself will make an appearance in the promo, but one of his disciples apparently will. Beyond the Trailer’s Grace Randolph says she got to watch an unfinished version of the sneak peek and, when asked by a fan if she’ll be reacting to the trailer when it’s released, she let slip that it features DeSaad, Darkseid’s loyal servant and master torturer.

“Yes, I will because I haven’t seen rendered. And I will admit at the beginning of the reaction that I’ve already seen it unrendered,” Randolph remarked. “I wanna see DeSaad’s face… I only saw like an outline.”

It’s not news that DeSaad is in the Snyder Cut, of course, as the filmmaker has revealed this tidbit before. We also know that British actor Peter Guinness plays the villain. In the theatrical cut, the only being from Apokolips we got to meet was Steppenwolf, so the Snyder Cut should definitely treat fans by bringing at least a couple more of those Jack Kirby Fourth World characters to the screen.

Steppenwolf, by the way, will appear closer to how he does in the BvS Ultimate Edition and not like he did in the theatrical version. Meanwhile, Darkseid – as portrayed by Ray Porter – is set to feature both in the flashbacks to the ancient war between Earth and Apokolips and in the present day, in a cameo that was supposed to set up a sequel.

Look out for the Justice League Snyder Cut trailer to drop during DC FanDome on August 22nd.