Justin Bieber Sings To The Skrillex Flip Of Marshmello’s “Where Are Ü Now” Remix

marshmello-and-skrillex (1)

Marshmello saw massive support from some of EDM’s biggest names during his rise last year, but he’s demonstrated a measure of crossover value as well. During a performance on Saturday, Justin Bieber performed to the Skrillex flip of his remix of Jack Ü’s “Where Are Ü Now.”

Jack Ü – which is a collaborative project between Skrillex and Diplo – brought Bieber onstage almost exactly a year ago to perform the original “Where Are Ü Now” live at the 2015 edition of Ultra Music Festival. Marshmello’s subsequent remix of the track played no small part in establishing him as a DJ/producer to watch, especially after Skrillex “flipped” the track later in the year.

Check out Justin Bieber’s performance to the Skrillex Flip of Marshmello‘s remix of Jack Ü’s “Where Are Ü Now” above. If this year is anything like last, it will see continued success for the DJ/producer – so keep an eye on him as festival season unfolds.