Did Kim Kardashian Photoshop Kylie Jenner’s daughter Stormi out of Instagram photos, as this TikToker claims?

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The Kardashian-Jenner family are certainly no strangers to doctoring photos they post to social media. But usually, Kim Kardashian and her famous sisters are the ones who are getting called out for eyebrow-raising Photoshop fails.

In the latest controversy, however, people are noticing that Kardashian seems to have Photoshopped a couple of photos she posted to Instagram of her daughter Chicago West and her sister Khloé Kardashian’s daughter True Thompson. And even more bizarre, internet sleuths have reason to believe that Kylie Jenner’s daughter Stormi Webster was for some reason taken out of the photos and replaced with True.

As you can see in the above Instagram post, True’s head does indeed look superimposed onto the image. But to get a better understanding of what is going on here, TikTok user @maiachondrialmembrane uploaded a minute-and-a-half-long video last Friday to break down the hows and whys of it all.

“I would genuinely love to know why this family is so fucking weird,” Maia says in the video. “So, earlier Kim posted this photo, and when I first looked at it I instantly knew something was off. True just looks obviously Photoshopped in, like she’s not really there, but I thought maybe I was crazy.”

“But then this lovely Instagram page revealed that I am not crazy,” she continued, referencing this post by a Kardashian fan account. “True is Photoshopped.”

Maia went on to assert that not only is True Photoshopped, but she’s Photoshopped onto a photo of Stormi that was allegedly taken at Disney in October. She stated that the whole thing was just confusing, while attempting to understand the family’s logic for Photoshopping one kid over another.


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But it didn’t take long for Maia to figure out what may have been the real motivation behind the photos. She believes the whole thing was to distract people from Kylie’s on-again, off-again, then on-again boyfriend Travis Scott making his return to Instagram after the Astroworld tragedy that killed 10 people and injured hundreds more.

“Then it all sort of clicked and I realized they’re as calculated as ever, allegedly,” Maia added. “But it really makes me wonder how these conversations go. And do they not feel crazy when they’re like, ‘OK, I’m gonna post this, Photoshop it, it’ll be a distraction. Then Travis you post, make it black and white, it makes you look mournful. Kylie, you can comment, don’t say anything, people will criticize that. Just put hearts.’ They’re insane. Allegedly insane.”

The video has been viewed nearly 12 million times as of this writing, but it’s not the only reporting on this Instagram kerfuffle. There’s another post on the matter from the @ky.storm.lovely account.

“So you telling me that Kim Kardashian West covering Stormi’s face with True’s face of a photo that Khloé posted before?!” the post asks. “Even we all know the day that they get out in with Kylie and Kris [on] Oct. 19 to Disneyland. Even Chicago’s clothes and hairstyle [aren’t] the same. There’s something going on.”

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