Latest ‘Yellowstone’ News: Harrison Ford reveals which piece of the Dutton family puzzle helped him prepare for ‘1923’ as Luke Grimes releases his first country song

Harrison Ford as Jacob Dutton in 'Yellowstone: 1923'
Image via James Minchin/James Minchin III/Paramount Plus

It’s a great day to be a fan of Taylor Sheridan’s Yellowstone universe, and while many would argue that it always is, there’s something special about this Friday. We’re officially two days away from the premiere of 1923, the prequel to the Dutton family drama we’re all deeply invested in now. The prequel/spin-off gives us the opportunity to learn more about the Duttons; how each generation has strived to protect the family, as well as the family’s land, and their namesake, is a treat.

The scale in which 1923 exists is larger than anything we’ve seen in the Yellowstone realm so far, and we’re thrilled to be so close to officially meeting Jacob and Cara Dutton. Fans are also delighted that Luke Grimes, Yellowstone’s handsome and beloved Kayce Dutton, has released his first country single, “No Horse to Ride,” which is as dreamy as we expected. You know the drill from here: grab your Yellowstone-loving bestie and drink(s) of choice — it’s Friday, after all — and let’s ride in. 

Harrison Ford made sure to watch 1883 before taking on the mantle of Jacob Dutton

Speaking to Collider, Ford said that he’d been a busy man (that he has) and hadn’t been able to dive into the main series as a whole, but he did make sure to watch 1883 to see what avenue they went down to bring the earlier Duttons to life. 

“I’ve been working and busy, and I haven’t had a lot of time to catch up, but I thought it more important that I see all of 1883, which I did, because that is the closest in time and story-wise of the developed Yellowstone elements. Yellowstone, which takes place in contemporary time… I love the work that Kevin’s doing, and I love the show, but 1883 was more important to me to concentrate on, and it was very useful in helping me understand the way they have been storytelling.”

The earlier Duttons have been through a lot in their time, as they found the land they’ve settled and attempt to keep. 

Ford also talked about wanting to give his truth to the character, and breathe life into their story with truth and authenticity. He said that he’s glad to bring life to the complex character that Sheridan has written. 

“Well, I want to serve the character and have the characters serve the story. I’m looking to alloy the character with the story because they support each other. Taylor Sheridan has written a dense and complicated character, and it’s both an honor and a challenge to take it on, and I’m enjoying it very much.”

Ford’s talent, and the length and breadth of his legendary career, have been impressive in the film world and reflect in his latest television project, and we can’t wait to see him breathe life into Jacob Dutton. We’re just two days away until we see him in the infamous cowboy hat, called the Jacob, owning the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. Lucky us!

Luke Grimes releases his first country song

Luke Grimes is officially a country music man with his debut single, “No Horse to Ride,” which he released today. The song is a love song (be still our beating hearts) and with a gritty and romantic twang to his voice, it’s a stellar listen when our hearts are full of extra love this magical time of year. 

Calling it a dream come true to release his first song, Grimes is kicking off a music career ahead of handling a gig at Stagecoach next year. The tune is moody, emotional, and beautiful, with lyrics about the way loving the right person can give meaning and life to all aspects of who we are. 

“I’d be spinnin’ my wheels goin’ nowhere fast
Pocket full of sorrys and an empty glass
All hat and no cattle and some tumbleweed boots
I’d be blowin’ in the wind if I didn’t have you

I’d be a drunk without a drink to drink
A guitar with a broken string
Without you, I’d be a fallin’ star without a midnight sky
A cowboy with no horse to ride

I’d be drivin’ in the dark with no headlights on
On a one-way highway that didn’t go home
I’d have to borrow from the devil just to pay my dues
I’d have nothin’ worth havin’ if I didn’t have you”

Without that person, well, we may as well be a cowboy without a horse to ride, and that in itself is a tragedy. Grimes shared a message with fans alongside the release of his song and a rather dreamy snap of himself and a guitar. 

“My first song from my upcoming album releases today on all platforms. Music has always helped me find meaning. Hopefully, this song means something to some folks out there, that would sure mean a lot to me. Much love, more soon…”

In addition to Stagecoach, Grimes will also be playing at Big Mountain Ranch taking place in Montana from July 14-16. Grimes is balancing acting and country music with zest, passion, and talent for both, and we can’t wait to see him continue his run as Kayce Dutton and a country music singer. Who knows, we might even heat some of Grimes’ music in Yellowstone in upcoming episodes.