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Latest ‘Yellowstone’ News: Let’s look at villain Caroline Warner before cleansing our palate for National Dessert Day

From villains to snacks; there’s a lot going on in the Yellowstone universe today.

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Happy Friday, Yellowstone fans! We’re enjoying the official kick-off to our weekend, and as we count down to the season 5 premiere on Nov. 13, we’re immersing ourselves in all things Dutton. Yesterday marked one month until the new episodes debut, and we’re ready to get back to Montana and its beauty, cowboys, and drama. We’re also ready to see what new evil lurks behind the twisted smiles of those brave (and stupid) enough to stand up against John and his family; while they might be lacking in smarts, they’re almost alarmingly sure of themselves. Watching people test the Dutton family is fun, as it never ends well for them. So today, we’re talking about those brave enough to test the Duttons, celebrating National Dessert Day, and enjoying our nightly rewind. You know the drill; please take a load off your worn cowboy boots, and let’s ride in.

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Who is Caroline Warner?

Caroline Warner is a new evil, a plague — if you will — attempting to sweep in and destroy the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. She looks unassuming at first, one might not find her powerful at all, but when she opens her mouth and starts spewing venom, you know she’s got a drive in her heart to take out anyone that stands in her way. The thing is, she’s never dared to stand up against the Dutton family.

Warner works for Market Equities and tells Beth, matter of factly, that she’s going to tear her to pieces. It’s her goal to take down the Duttons, and she’s either playing incredibly brave or rather silly because she thinks going after the powerhouse of the family is the way to go. Of course, every Dutton brings something important to the table, but she’s not fenced with Beth before. The season 5 trailer shows that she quickly learns she’ll find herself beating her head against a wall before she makes any forward progress against the Duttons.

We’re interested to see how their story plays out next season, and we can’t wait to watch Market Equities crash and burn.

National Dessert Day — don’t mind if we do

It’s National Dessert Day, and nothing cures our ache for sweets better than watching an episode of Yellowstone. The Dutton DNA is embedded with something that promises an infallible charm, aching beauty, and excitement. While they might not be the kind of dessert you can eat, we do appreciate the snacks that are the actors and actresses cast in the series.

From Kevin Costner’s John Dutton to Kelly Reilly’s Beth and, of course, Cole Hauser’s Rip Wheeler, the characters pushing Taylor Sheridan’s storyline forward are delectable: chef kiss.

We’ve detailed a menu for Yellowstone fans if you want to pick your favorite delicacy out of the lineup

Yellowstone rewind: season 1, episode 9

Episode 9 of the first season stood as the finale for Paramount’s Yellowstone’s incredible first set of episodes. We met the Dutton family, understood what happened to their enemies, and found out more about what makes everyone on the series tick. We saw enemies become friends (sort of) and watched a growing divide continue to exist between some of the characters. There’s nothing simple about the Yellowstone experience, but it sure is exciting.

The episode was emotional, and while some scenes stand out as tear jerking, there isn’t one specific moment that breaks your heart — it’s just the cumulation of all of them. We see John look his most defeated in the season 1 finale, worried that his life might end sooner than he’d hoped. He worries no one will want the ranch when he’s gone, and John fears that he won’t ever honestly know his grandson — or any future grandchildren.

Emotions are high as Yellowstone ends the season, and we also see a scene that proves just how serious John is about those who wrong him. You know the one we’re talking about, where Kayce decides to let Dan hang from a tree after confronting him about a wrong he’d committed. The Duttons don’t have time for games, for snarky conversations (unless it’s around a dinner table or over a bottle of bourbon), and they don’t have time to mess around. Dan has been a thorn in the family’s back for some time, and he can’t keep getting away with it.

We also see Jamie faced with the fact he’s been running from all season; there doesn’t seem to be a world where they can both co-exist as good guys. One has to fall, one has to take the blame, and one has to be evil.

So just what happens to Jamie and John? Who will wear the crown of the villain, and who actually deserves it? You’ll have to rewatch season 2 to find out, but it’s not a simple answer. As fans of the series know, everything at the Yellowstone is complicated.