Latest ‘Yellowstone’ News: Piper Perabo teases trouble on the horizon after that Dutton kiss as Taylor Sheridan explains the devastating catalyst for ‘1923′

Piper Perabo as Summer Higgins in Yellowstone
Photo via Paramount Plus

Happy Tuesday, Yellowstone fans, we’re just days away from Christmas, and if Taylor Sheridan’s growing Dutton universe feels like a gift to you — you’re not alone. Fans began to fall in love with the family in 2018, and since then, we’ve been introduced to Duttons across several decades, all working through trials and triumphs as they strive to protect their loved ones. In addition to honoring one another and the family name, they also struggle to protect their land and way of life. We also learn more about their relationships, and John Dutton is currently embracing a bond with a woman who is working the last nerve of his daughter, Beth. Piper Perabo recently spoke more about the bond her character shares with the landowner, and it’s getting rather romantic. Sheridan himself also shared some insight into the Dutton family and why 1923 is set in — well, 1923. You know the drill from here: grab your Yellowstone-loving bestie and drink of choice, and let’s ride in.

Piper Perabo talks that Dutton kiss and what it might mean for Summer’s future

Piper Perabo is talking about the most recent episode of Yellowstone and the impact of a few stolen moments before and during the county fair. When the episode begins, we see Summer walking out of a tent as the men have already gone to work; and she’s not the only one. Abby and Laramie also wake up and walk out of the tents, and the women share a hilarious moment with Beth. They all know what was happening the evening before, and instead of vitriol being spewed, it’s a funny moment you’d share with girlfriends.

Speaking to Yahoo, Perabo notes that even though Beth and Summer have found common ground to stand upon, that doesn’t mean they’re not going to get on one another’s nerves.

“Beth is never all good with anybody, even John and Rip – they can get on her bad side. So, of course, Summer is going to get on her bad side.”

While that morning moment was tame enough, Summer and John are growing closer, and that budding relationship might hinder the growth between Summer and Beth. Mentioning the shared kiss behind the cowboy hat between Summer and John at the fair, Perabo says that she’s sure Beth caught on — or at the very least, she will if things keep up between the two. While Summer and John are both consenting adults, there’s something about the pair that Beth doesn’t like; and she’s not the only one.

“I can’t imagine that that’s not going to cause something. It’s not going to go great if I’m in her dad’s face. Really I just need to keep one eye at all times on Beth, to make sure another fight doesn’t start.”

While Perabo says she needs to keep an eye on Beth, fans would argue that Beth is right to do the same. Both women are strong, determined, and self-assured, and they’ve also got very different opinions on core topics. They’re never going to look at a situation and see it from the same perspective, but they don’t help one another when they offer snide remarks and judgment. Beth isn’t perfect, but Summer sure isn’t, either.

Here’s hoping that the common ground they’re standing on is firm.

Taylor Sheridan shares the true catalyst for ‘1923’

Taylor Sheridan is opening up about the most recent Yellowstone prequel, 1923, and the puzzle pieces that had to fit together to make the story work. One of those pieces is about the end of 1883 and how so many heartwrenching deaths led to that story concluding in the only way Sheridan could see fit.

Speaking to Deadline, he says that the idea for 1923 was born because of the multitude of deaths in 1883. The network wanted a second season, but few survivors were left to tell the tale.

“I know they read the scripts, but they don’t read scripts, so when they read the last episode of 1883, I don’t think they digested what had just happened, even though I made it quite clear from the very beginning. The story I heard is Bob Bakish watched it and said, ‘wait a minute, she dies! They all die? What do we do in season two?’ I said, there is no season two. They’re like, there better be a f**king season two because we already picked it up. I’m sitting here going, guys — everyone is dead.”

He was asked if it could be called a failure to communicate, but Sheridan doesn’t rest there; he says the circumstances led him to an opportunity to explore this particular time and the pressures and struggles of ranchers before what we all know as the Great Depression.

“I said I’ll come up with another peek into the window and I sat there and tried to look at it. I studied Montana’s history and the history of the world. Covid was ending, which is a very similar thing to World War I, because after World War I ended, about a half a year later the Spanish Flu arrived, and it killed 100 times what our Covid-19 did. That’s devastation, when it takes 40 to 49% percent of the population of San Francisco. People don’t understand [the enormity], and Montana interestingly had a depression about a decade before the depression because it was such a cattle economy… all the cattle ranches at that time were sending all the beef to the British army, and French armies, and ultimately our army. There was a lot of pressure and a lot of free money for these homesteaders.”

The unique struggles of the land and cattle owners during that period spoke to Sheridan, who knows a thing or two about land and cattle during this period, and what effects the pandemic had on this way of life. In recognizing that there was a story to tell, he shifted from the beautiful and heartwrenching stories in 1883 to 1923.

With an all-star cast, another multifaceted storyline to dive into, and characters we’re already starting to fall for, we’re all the better for Sheridan having done the research into the early 1920s, this is a series no one in the Yellowstone universe wants to miss.

Fans love this sweet moment between Rip and Carter

Fans on Reddit are sharing their adoration for a moment between Rip and Carter in the latest Yellowstone episode, and we can’t get enough of it. When Beth first brought Carter to the ranch, no one was sure they’d bond. Rip wasn’t happy about the new addition because he seemed to see a lot of himself in the young boy. For that same reason, Beth wanted his place at the ranch made permanent, but there were bumps in the road to getting there.

Carter sees Rip and Beth as parental figures, but after a moment in season four that made us all cry, he sure knows not to call Beth mom. So in season five, we saw Rip and Carter share this sweet moment, one of those “blink and you’ll miss it” things.

Rip was talking to Carter and called him son, and if you weren’t paying attention, the scene might have passed you by; but we caught it, bringing a tear to our eyes. Carter loves Rip and Beth, that much is evident, and it’s just as apparent that they care for him deeply, too. It might not have been one of those moments that made you stop in your tracks, but if you were listening at that exact moment, it certainly pulled on your heartstrings.

Yellowstone is certainly a show packed full of those.