Latest ‘Yellowstone’ News: The exciting season 5 trailer breaks records as Yellowstone reflects upon sweet moments in history

Yellowstone Beth and Rip
Via IMDb/Paramount

Happy Wednesday, Yellowstone fans! We’re bringing you the latest and greatest in Taylor Sheridan’s universe for this mid-week update. While we’re all still reeling from the exciting premiere of the season five trailer, fans learned that it actually broke records within the first 24 hours of it. Paramount shared the news last night after views were counted and social media shares were all put together. As long-time fans know, the trailer was hands down the most exciting in the series’ history; and with good reason. There’s more at stake now than ever before, and with changes on the horizon, we’re going to see our favorite Duttons and ranch hands taking on new roles and driving new experiences. So to celebrate, we’re taking a look back at the epic trailer, highlighting a Yellowstone reel, and growing in excitement together for the upcoming season. 

The season 5 trailer broke records in the first 24 hours

Deadline shared exciting news last night that the season 5 trailer broke some important records in the first 24 hours it went live. With over 14.4 million views, it even garnered more attention than the thrilling trailer for season four. When the Dutton lives were hanging in the balance, we were all trying to figure out who would live and who would die, so of course — there was a lot of attention on it. 

With season five, even more of an epic storyline looms on the horizon, and we’d been waiting for a peek at the new season for months. We all rewatched it over and over again to make sure we took in every single second of new material; we had a lot to examine.

So it’s not surprising to those who have been on this journey with Yellowstone that the viewership set a record; we anticipate that the same thing will happen with each new episode in the upcoming season. 

The first look at John Dutton as governor was epic

While all the happenings in the trailer were exciting, the most epic had to have been the first look at John Dutton as governor. We knew that he’d likely take on the role in the upcoming season, but we weren’t sure when. It appears that when we dive in this November, we’ll be in the thick of it. Some time will have passed, and just how much is yet to be discovered, but John is swearing in, Beth is taking a drink and heading into battle, and the Dutton enemies are throwing themselves into the line of fire to try to take them down. It’s going to get dirty — fast. 

We have to say, all that being said, there’s nothing like that first scene where John stares at every person in the crowd, those who stand behind him and those dead set on destroying him, and promises to protect Montana from all enemies, foreign and domestic. It’s all-powerful, it’s encompassing, and it’s everything we could have hoped for. 

Finn Little’s Carter poses an important question 

Yellowstone also posted a throwback clip from a fan favorite episode of season 4, and it’s a sweet moment shared between Lloyd and Carter after the wedding between Rip and Beth. It was an intense wedding, beautiful and sultry — just like them. 

“Hell kid, ain’t none of them like that.”

Being Rip’s go-to guy and his best friend, it only made sense that he’d be the best man on the big day. Carter having a role in the day made sense, too; after all, the “kid” is growing on everyone in the series. We love the throwback videos from Yellowstone because they take us back to those moments that make the show. Of course, the drama and the romance are a big part of it; but the scenes link that one, with just a bit of dialogue, keep us coming back for more. It’s the story being told in the middle of all of the big moments, and that’s an important one. 

You can get all caught up on the first four seasons of Yellowstone on Peacock now while we wait for the epic two-hour television event on Nov. 13.