‘Lightyear’ producer explains what Chris Evans brings to the title role


With just a little over one month to go until Lightyear soars onto the silver screen, producer Galyn Susman is increasing anticipation for the animated feature by hyping up star Chris Evans ahead of his much-discussed portrayal as Buzz Lightyear. The upcoming Pixar project provides fans with an origin story for the popular Space Ranger superhero, and serves as a spin-off to the beloved Toy Story saga.

While speaking with The Playlist, Susman discussed Evans’ ever-present enthusiasm for the role, along with a strong confidence that he bestowed during development — which she believed was a “very satisfying” addition to the sci-fi movie.

We were looking for Chris to bring a level of gravitas and that balance of funny, heroic, but also self-reflective and contemplative. The things that you want in a protagonist. Chris brought enthusiasm. He brought a belief into the project that I’ve never quite seen from talent before. It felt like a collaborative development of the character in a way that was just very satisfying.

Susman evidently knew Evans was the right man for the job, which she discussed in a recent interview by praising the actor’s commitment to the role and his eagerness to portray one of animation’s most memorable heroes.

On the other hand, while an abundance of eagle-eyed viewers are undoubtedly looking forward to Evans playing Buzz, some folks were let down that Tim Allen — who has voiced Buzz Lightyear for decades — would not be starring in the film. However, Susman’s encouraging words definitely paint Evans in a good light, especially since the actor already expressed how overjoyed he was to voice the iconic character.

Lightyear launches in theaters on June 17.