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‘Lord of the Rings’ fans believe ‘Rings of Power’ may be the best showing of Orcs yet

Fans of the 'Lord of the Rings' have been happy to see the orcs return to their screens looking more brutal than ever.

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Warning: The following article contains spoilers for The Rings of Power episode 3, ‘Adar

There has been the introduction of many new characters in Amazon’s Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power series, but also many returning characters too. Though the series is set hundreds of years before the events of the Lord of the Rings, thanks to the longevity of some of the races we have been reacquainted with characters such as Galadriel, Elrond, and possibly even Gandalf. But some fans are actually thrilled to see the baddies back in action and, as they believe, looking better than ever.

The orcs in Lord of the Rings were numerous, but they existed as the pawns of Sauron, easily disposable and not too hard to kill. Though there were some notable mentions, the slightly more intelligent orc general Gothmog (or potato head as he is sometimes known by fans) from The Return of the King springs to mind, for the most part, the orcs didn’t pose too much of a threat to the skilled fighters out there.

However, in The Rings of Power, we have met with a handful of fearsome orcs in the Southlands. After the elf, Arondir, discovers the devastation at Horden he enters into the mysterious tunnels where he is pursued and captured by orcs at the end of episode two. In episode three we see more of these orcs and their brutality as they beat all into subjugation and cruelly dispose of their elven comrades. Even against these trained elf warriors the orcs still stand strong, proving that they are not merely cannon fodder.

Fans of Tolkien’s work are happy to see the orcs in action and looking more brutal than ever.

For this fan, these orcs have been one of the best parts of the show.

Understandably, some found them to be quite horrific.

Though this user prefers the movie orcs, the return to practical make-up and the overall look of the orcs gets a thumbs up from them.

Though some are still skeptical thanks to Bronwyn’s overpowering of a particularly nasty-looking orc.

Others argue that that fight was not an easy one, and it was a two-on-one situation remember?

You can’t please everyone though and this user did not seem to enjoy the chain fight of the last episode, though they concede the make-up is pretty impressive.

The final episode seems to be ratcheting up the pressure as we have been teased with the presence of the mysterious figure, Adar, who seemingly controls the orcs. Hopefully, fans will continue to see the brutality of the orcs will continue as the series moves forward.

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