Watch: R&B artist Maeta bit on the face by a snake during video shoot

maeta snake
Image via Maetasworld/Instagram

Recording artist Maeta caught the business end of a live snake during a video shoot this week, and she shared the footage with her Instagram followers to warn of the hazards of the job.

In the five-second black and white clip, the 20-year-old R&B singer, who just signed onto Jay-Z’s Roc Nation music label back in April of this year, is seen lying on the ground in a sheer bodysuit as someone places a second snake on her. Within a split second, the first snake, already draped on her chest, darted up and latched onto her chin.

“What I go through to make videos for y’all,” Maeta captioned the video.

The comments on the post have been disabled, but one can only imagine the shock that her fans might have expressed.

Maeta released her debut EP “Do Not Disturb” in 2019 to critical acclaim. According to the Roc Nation website, the album “encapsulated Maeta’s many moods and emotions since moving from Indianapolis,” where she’s from, “to Los Angeles earlier that year to focus on her career.”

Her follow-up album “Habits” was released shortly after inking a record deal in May. Before her big break, she shared her music through SoundCloud releases and Instagram cover clips.

Her musical influences range from what she heard growing up at home with her visual artist mother and drummer father, such as the Eagles and John Mayer, to the music she gravitated towards in her teen years, including Kid Cudi, Alicia Keys, Beyoncé, and SZA.

“These influences, her natural singing ability, and the fact that she is a self-proclaimed ‘daydreamer’ who ‘falls in love too fast’ and is drawn to sad songs brought her to the sound you hear today,” the Roc Nation website continues.

“Blending pop and soul with lyrics that allow Maeta to be a voice for those who struggle to express their emotions. Her goal: to be a positive light.”

Maeta’s been updating her Instagram since posting that clip, so presumably she’s alright.