Martin Garrix To Begin A New Residency At Ushuaïa In Ibiza

martin garrix

Martin Garrix has certainly made sure to keep his name in people’s mouths this festival season. The 19-year-old DJ/producer has debuted a wealth of new tracks in the past few months, featuring collaborations with the likes of Tiësto and Alesso, and will now begin a new residency at Ushuaïa in Ibiza, Spain.

The prestigious hotel and resort will begin a weekly residency with the young talent on July 3rd that will extend through August.

“Nearly a year ago, Martin performed at Ushuaïa for the first time opening for David Guetta where thousands were in attendance for his set,” read a release. “Martin’s new night, dubbed ‘Multiply’ will feature Oliver Heldens as direct support every week, with a slew of other opening talent to be announced soon.”

The inclusion of Oliver Heldens in each installment of the residency will undoubtedly add considerable draw to the high-profile weekly. Besides that, Heldens’ influence might also serve to make each event more Ibiza friendly – as popular as Garrix is, the underground is far more alive in Ibiza than it is in major EDM hotspots like Las Vegas, so his hard-kicks-and-big-drops style may not be as well received on its own. Nonetheless, the residency will surely make for ideal testing grounds as he continues to release new material.

If you were in Ibiza for one of Martin Garrix‘s new residency dates at Ushuaïa, would you work it into your evening plans? Tell us why or why not in the comments section below.