Marvel Offers First Look Inside R.L. Stine’s Man-Thing #1

Odds are that either you or some of your friends in middle school were addicted to horror stories penned by acclaimed writer R.L. Stine, namely from series such as Fear Street and Goosebumps.  In the time since being originally published, the latter made the jump to comic books, so it’s highly appropriate that Stine take the next step by assuming the reins on Man-Thing.

Originating during a time when the lines between superhero and monster comics were becoming evermore blurred, the tragic Man-Thing has since gone on to become a cult favorite among True Believers and has even appeared in various animated series as well as an all but forgotten film released in 2005.

In the gallery above, be sure to check out some fantastic interior art courtesy of German Peralta (Moon Knight, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) in addition to a bounty of covers. If anyone seems like a natural fit to be among that ilk of cover artists, it’s Francesco Francavilla, especially knowing his recent contributions to Afterlife with Archie and the slew of variants he lent to Monsters Unleashed.

Man-Thing #1 arrives in comic shops on Wednesday, March 8. In the meantime, be sure to check out a synopsis provided by Marvel below:

Attempting to recreate the formula that produced Captain America, biochemist Ted Sallis was transformed into the shambling creature known only as MAN-THING! Now, having recently regained his ability to speak, Man-Thing sets out on a journey to leave the swamp once and for all. But when an ancient and mysterious danger threatens reality, he will have to choose between his new life and the place he once called home!

Plus, it’s terror on the high seas as R.L. Stine and artist Daniel Warren Johnson bring you a special second tale that’s sure to leave you seasick!