‘Moon Knight’ director considers this strange comment about his series a ‘compliment’

Marvel’s Moon Knight has wrapped up its initial run on Disney Plus and, while the series has gotten some criticism for its lack of connections to the broader Marvel Cinematic Universe, Mohamed Diab loves this.

“The best compliment we get on the show is when people tell us, ‘this doesn’t feel like a Marvel show. It feels like a standalone show that feels more dramatic, more dark, grounded.’ I feel like we succeeded in bringing Marvel more to our corner. So, so proud and happy.”

The principal director and creative overseer on the series says this in an interview with Variety published yesterday. In the piece, Diab suggests Moon Knight and Oscar Isaac are here to stay in the Marvel universe, despite the actor needing a contract renewal and, even if more comes, he is in the dark about it today.

“If you succeed, it doesn’t mean you’re gonna get a season two. I have no clue. I’m just thinking as a businessman right now. Maybe it’s going to be a film. Maybe it’s going to be a journey like what happened with WandaVision. I wish one day, if there is an expansion, I would be a part of it. We ended in a way that feels like a beginning.”

Moon Knight currently has a total of six episodes. It also stars Ethan Hawke as Arthur Harrow, and received praise from critics for its weirder and darker tone, Isaac’s bumbling Steven, and has an 87 percent fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on 206 reviews and a 93 percent audience rating from 4,000 reviews.