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‘Ms. Marvel’ has added more weight to those Ten Rings fan theories

Do Kamala Khan's powers stem from the same source as Shang Chi's Ten Rings?

Ms. Marvel
Image via Marvel Studios

In Disney Plus’ newest MCU series, Ms. Marvel, hero Kamala Khan’s powers differ somewhat in nature and radically in origin from her comic book source character. While the comics portray Khan as receiving her powers due to exposure to the mutating Terrigen Mist used by The Inhumans, Kamal’s onscreen powers are the gift of an artifact. Specifically, her grandmother’s bangle that Kamal uses as part of her costume. But did that artifact come from the same place as another weapon recently seen onscreen?

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Khan’s bracelet bears a passing resemblance to the Ten Rings utilized by the father of Shang-Chi in Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. There is a chance that they may even be made of the same substance that Bruce Banner could not identify in the movie’s post credits scene. This implies that both the rings and the bracelet both originate from the same culture. Which is likely to be either alien, or ancient (or more likely both).

If the two items share a common heritage, it may explain why Kamala’s mother, grandmother, or great-grandmother weren’t making headlines as heroes in their own times — it was stated that the rings can only be used by a worthy master. This means Kamala may be just the right person the bangle was waiting for.

So what is the origin? Fans have been theorizing that it may be a race we’ve already encountered in the MCU. The Ms. Marvel comic backstory is rife with references to The Inhumans and their progenitors, the alien Kree. It may be that the rings and the bangle are simply left-over tech from a long-ago alien expedition to earth. For that matter, it may be that both originate from the Celestials – which would certainly explain their ability to manipulate energy.

Fans can see if the newest episode of Ms. Marvel provides any answers when it premieres tomorrow on Disney Plus.