Netflix Games releasing a first-person shooter this month

Streaming service Netflix knows its users hate fee hikes, strange decisions, and the prompt that asks “are you still watching?” with a vengeance, and is now providing a first-person shooter to its subscribers as an outlet for such dislike.

Today Variety reported Into the Dead 2: Unleashed will be added to the company’s mobile app later this month at no charge to customers. Netflix began pushing out games worldwide in November, has 14 titles available as of this story being filed, and is giving something with a lot of depth for a mobile release to people with Into the Dead 2: Unleashed.

New Zealand developer PikPok made the product. It has armed players fending off ever-increasing zombie threats, and players have to slay the undead while keeping in motion. There are multiple chapters, stages like oil fields and military bases, challenges and unlocks and upgrades like weapons, firearms and explosives. The piece does not have a direct release beyond just this month, but will debut near PikPok’s Shatter Remastered and Frosty Pop’s This Is a True Story.

Other titles available on the streaming service’s mobile apps are Arcanium: Rise of Akhan, Asphalt Xtreme, Bowling Ballers, Card Blast, Dominoes Café, Dungeon Dwarves, Knittens, Krispee Street and Stranger Things: 1984. This will not be the end of the company’s efforts in the space either. They presently own Night School Studio, who developed adventure mystery title Oxenfree and Next Games, a mobile developer who has games based on The Walking Dead.