Netflix’s ‘The Crown’ banned from filming at Eton College

The Crown

The Crown has shared in its fair share of drama both on-set and off, and now the top-rated Netflix series is facing another setback; this time regarding where the show can and cannot film. As it stands Earl Spencer, the brother of the late Princess Diana, rejected Netflix’s recent request to film on the family estate of Althorp, and the hit show is also forbidden from filming at Buckingham Palace.

As reported by the Times UK, the infamous and highly exclusive Eton College, one attended by Princes William and Harry, is the latest location to refuse the streaming giant from filming their recent season at their location after a viral tweet from 2020.

With season 5 currently being filmed and expected to take on the time period of the 1990s, filming of the school-aged princes is detrimental. However, executives of the show aren’t too concerned as they have secured a new location to film the school scenes.

As to why the streaming service was banned from filming at Eton, well it comes after they tweeted out a documentary about Dianna that painted the Duchess of Cornwall in an unflattering light. To which followed an outburst on social media and Prince William calling out the BBC and Netflix for profiting off of his late mother.

This ban also comes after the U.K. Government and the Royal family pressured Netflix to add a disclaimer to their series, as well as Jemima Khan, Princess Diana’s friend, severing ties with The Crown.

The Crown Season 5 will premiere in November 2022.