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New image from HBO’s ‘The Last of Us’ offers fresh look at Joel and Ellie

Joel and Ellie are hiding from Clickers.

The Last of Us on HBO
Image via The Last of Us/IMDb

In the closing moments of Summer Game Fest 2022, Naughty Dog boss Neil Druckmann came on stage to talk a bit about the upcoming live-action adaptation of The Last of Us on HBO.

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The game director also offered us another look at the series by unveiling a new image. Pedro Pascal’s Joel Miller and Bella Ramsey’s Ellie are hiding under a desk from a Clicker, so this sequence must involve one of their run-ins with the dreadful creatures.

Druckmann further gave us a status update on the series by announcing that tomorrow will mark the last day of filming. That means only post-production work separates us from finally getting The Last of Us on our small screens. That being said, the series isn’t expected to premiere until sometime in early 2023. Even post-production takes a few months to complete, especially on a series as ambitious as this.

It’s still unclear if the HBO adaptation will stick to the events of the games or spin a unique interpretation on one of the most acclaimed pieces of art in the past two decades. After that little sneak peek, voice actors Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson — Joel and Ellie in the video game series — joined Druckmann to announce that they’re also appearing in the live-action series for brief cameos.

The show is being helmed by Chernobyl‘s Craig Mazin, though Druckmann himself has also supervised to an extensive degree and even directed an episode.