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One notable omission from the ‘Community’ movie stings a lot more than the others

At least in the Dreamatorium we could get everyone back at Greendale.

Amidst happy tears of celebration for the latest news regarding Greendale’s “seven” return after a particular prophecy was fulfilled, it may just be that the news is more bittersweet than initially expected. Earlier this Friday, Peacock, Sony, and Universal TV announced their striking deal, finally receiving a greenlight for a Community movie after six seasons. Needless to say, Community fans were absolutely exhilarated over the news; that was until they noticed a few names were missing from the announcement.

Perhaps not entirely surprising to some, Chevy Chase, Donald Glover, and Yvette Nicole Brown’s return seem to not yet be in the works for the Community revival film, as their names seem to have been omitted from the announcements. In a tweet posted by Variety, names like Joel McHale, Allison Brie, Gillian Jacobs, and Danny Pudi are confirmed to return as their respective characters.

Chevy Chase portrayed the not-so-lovable yet absolutely hilarious Pierce, whose character had a fitting ending at the start of the fifth season, after the actor had a few heated discussions with Dan Harmon regarding the direction of his character. Not long after, it was Glover’s turn to depart from the series right after Chevy, although in a much less macabre exit. Yvette Nicole Brown, however, always remained on the show throughout the six seasons, but her name has yet to be confirmed for the revival.

Glover, however, was a fan-favorite character from the start of the show in 2012, playing the lovable and quirky Troy Barnes, and his lack of involvement in the movie is certainly proving to be a bit more hurtful than the rest. Troy Barnes was a vital member of the Greendale seven, being the perfect and understanding companion of Abed Nadir. This duo, to this day, has one of the most iconic and hilarious dynamics on TV. Much to everyone’s disappointment, it seems that Glover’s return to Community is not yet in a foreseeable future, as the actor and musician have been plenty occupied with the comedy-drama series Atlanta, as well as his own musical projects.

Nevertheless, fans are still hopeful that at least Glover and Brown’s names may join the casting list soon. As for Chase’s case…well, unless this movie marks yet another of Pierce’s pranks, his return seems to be the most unlikely one. Community can be found on Hulu and Netflix as you await for the best community college students to return to the big screen.

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