Oscar Isaac’s brother and stand-in was called Mork Sphincter on ‘Moon Knight’ set

Steven and Marc in Moon Knight (1)
Image via Marvel Studios/Disney Plus

The internet has already been demanding that Oscar Isaac get an Emmy nomination for his jaw-dropping performance in Moon Knight, with the actor seamlessly transitioning between Steven Grant and Marc Spector, often in the space of a single sentence, never mind a scene.

While there’s plenty of CGI bells and whistles used to create the illusion that the conflicted protagonist is talking to himself in various reflected surfaces, along with some good old fashioned camera trickery, Isaac’s younger brother Michael Benjamin Hernandez was also drafted in so his sibling had someone familiar to play off against.

In true brotherly fashion, though, Hernandez revealed to Marvel that his unique character-driven contributions were given a rather unflattering name on set.

“It was just this weird, mutated abomination of Marc with a fake prosthetic nose. I had never done the whole casting thing where they pour the green goo over your face, and I was totally game for all of that. I was totally game for like, yeah, you want to give me a wig or fake nose? We even thought of fake chin parts and cheeks.

But then we established that if we were going to film from behind my shoulder, the nose was the prominent piece to get. And so that made it feel like it was actually Oscar there, because he has a beautiful schnoz, and we wanted to recreate that. Eventually, I just forgot about it. You could see that it worked well. Mork Sphincter will always be a part of me.”

Mork Sphincter may not be credited as one of Moon Knight’s canonical alter-egos, but rest assured neither of the Hernandez boys will forget the experience they shared on the blockbuster Disney Plus series.