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Patrick Stewart reveals the most moving letter he ever received from a ‘Star Trek’ fan

‘Commence restoring faith in humanity.’

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Actor Patrick Stewart has been a fixture in popular culture with his turns in Star Trek and the X-Men franchise and, like anyone in something big, he has received his share of fan mail and is now revealing the most moving letter he has received to this point.

“There’s one letter I received that meant so much to me. It was from an LAPD sergeant, and his letter began by writing about how much he’d always wanted to be a policeman, how he loved the job, he was so proud to be a sergeant in the LAPD, but there were days, he said, when I go home and what I have seen and experienced and witnessed in the world out there has been so discouraging and shocking and depressing. When that happens, I go home and I put on an episode of Star Trek and I begin to believe in people again.”

Stewart makes the above comments in an article published by Deadline Hollywood today about his recent appearance at the Cannes Lions conference. The report also says Stewart returned to his role of Jean-Luc Picard in the recent streaming series after it was pointed out to him by writer and executive producer Alex Kurtzman both men would have changed over the years.

“That got my attention. [The script] was brilliant, so I was back in.”

Star Trek: Picard has a third and final season set to premiere next year. As well, this is not the first time Stewart has shared an emotional moment with a traumatized fan. A few years ago, he publicly embraced a domestic violence victim at a fan convention.

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