‘Peacemaker’ continues trolling the Justice League with Wonder Woman and Flash jokes

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Peacemaker is continuing to be the antidote to the gloomy tone folks tend to associate with the DCEU, and the show’s latest episode has continued to troll the franchise with jabs at two more of its heroes.

The HBO Max original is full of the typical irreverent humor that we’ve come to expect from a James Gunn production. Sure enough, John Cena’s Christopher Smith has repeatedly trolled the franchise’s heroes, dropping in near-the-knuckle jokes about the likes of Batman and Superman that have occasionally got Gunn into trouble with the studio brass.

Now, in episode six “Murn After Reading” which premiered today, Peacemaker features references to not one, but two more members of the Justice League. In this chapter, Peacemaker finds himself in the unlikely position of giving a talk to some elementary school kids who ask him various questions about being a superhero. One girl asks him if he’s ever met Wonder Woman, causing Smith to respond:

“I’ve never met her, but she did spend an entire party eye-effing me from across the room.”

Another kid, who’s clearly a big Flash fan going by his lightning bolt T-shirt, then quizzes Peacemaker on if he’s met Barry Allen. The kid then looks crestfallen when Smith gives his answer:

“Yeah, I’ve met The Flash. Like everyone else whose ever met him, I thought he was an unbearable d-bag.”

It’s now up to fans to imagine the circumstances around Peacemaker’s encounters with these two heroes. It’s hard to imagine what kind of party would cater to both a literal goddess and a low-rent costumed crusader like Smith, for one thing. But if she really was eyeing him up, we’re betting she was just suspicious of the known homicidal vigilante.

As for his meeting with the Flash, it seems easy to guess that the Scarlet Speedster apprehended Peacemaker at some point. It’s possible he’s even responsible for putting him in jail in the first place, hence why Smith has such a strong dislike for the guy. Though he does seem jealous of the popularity of all the JLA in general.

That’s now five out of six of the founding members of the Justice League namedropped on Peacemaker, with Cyborg being the only one still to go. Let’s see if the series can complete the set before it concludes in two episodes’ time.

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