Pedro Pascal Has 3 Projects Dominating Streaming Services Right Now

pedro pascal the last of us
Image via HBO

The streaming wars have gotten more competitive than ever, with Netflix pledging to spend at least $20 billion per year on original content, Warner Bros. sending their entire slate of 2021 movies to HBO Max the same day they hit theaters, and Disney focusing on making streaming exclusives their number one priority moving forward, with the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Star Wars unsurprisingly placed at the forefront.

There are not a lot of people who are either willing or able to shell out the monthly subscription fees for every single platform, but if you’re a big fan of Pedro Pascal, then you’re in luck. The actor can currently be seen in three of the most popular titles across the aforementioned trio of streaming services, and the 45 year-old has inadvertently become the poster boy for high profile in-house entertainment.

As well as playing the title role in the biggest show on television, The Mandalorian star can also be found doubling down on the superhero genre. The Game of Thrones alum portrays one of the major adult roles in Robert Rodriguez’s We Can Be Heroes, which finds the children of the world’s costumed crimefighters forced into action when their parents are kidnapped, and the filmmaker’s latest foray into family films has been dominating the Netflix Top 10 most-watched list ever since it was released a week ago.

There’s also the small matter of Wonder Woman 1984, with Pascal not so much chewing on the scenery but devouring it whole as hammy villain Maxwell Lord, who turns himself into a living, breathing MacGuffin. Three projects dominating the most-watched lists on three separate streaming services is an impressive achievement, no doubt, but he’ll be back on the big screen in March when Nicolas Cage’s The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent arrives.