Rebel Wilson proves she could be the next Bond girl with these pics

Rebel Wilson

The Australian actress has had jaws dropping as of late for her remarkable weight loss, but after achieving her health goals, it’s time for Rebel Wilson to make her return to the big screen.

In a recent photoshoot for Fiji Tourism, Wilson flaunts her slim figure in a bright orange swimsuit, reminiscent of Halle Berry’s iconic orange swimsuit look for Die Another Day.

Wilson has already done the work to get in shape to play the next Bond girl, but she has a lot of re-branding ahead of her considering many of her roles rely on self-deprecating humor. One example is her role in the acapella comedy Pitch Perfect where she portrayed a character who introduces herself as Fat Amy. Wilson is also well known for her breakout role in Bridesmaids, where she played the very humorous Brynn.

Wilson has already begun her re-branding journey with the upcoming film Senior Year which she wrapped earlier this year. In the film, she is set to play a woman who wakes up from a 20-year coma and returns to her old high school, where she used to be a star cheerleader.

With the recent release of the latest Bond film, No Time To Die, and star actor Daniel Craig retiring from the role, there has never been a better time for Rebel Wilson to pitch herself to producers as the next Bond girl.