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Rhea Seehorn hints that Kim lives to see a dark fate in the ‘Better Call Saul’ conclusion

"Death is not the only tragic end."

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In August the conclusion of Better Call Saul will be upon us and, while the show is on hiatus now until July 11 and there are no guarantees what will happen, Kim actress Rhea Seehorn says her character may end up being alive, but in a bad final situation.

“Death is not the only tragic end.”

Seehorn makes the comment about her role on the crime drama in an article published by Variety today. The profile of the 50-year-old actress touches on her life, her career before joining the Breaking Bad universe, and also reveals she actually lived with Bob Odenkirk and Patrick Fabian during the filming of the series and was the messiest person in the house they rented together.

“When Seehorn signed on to direct this season’s fourth episode, she took over the downstairs as her war room. ‘There was paper and drawings and Post-its, just like Kim, everywhere!’ she says, copping to the fact that she was the messiest person in the house — something Odenkirk and Fabian don’t dispute. While thinking about her scenes, Seehorn will paint, work on embroidery, finish a jigsaw puzzle or write a to-do list.”

Audiences will see what happens to Kim soon enough. As for Seehorn, she recently appeared in Linoleum and the short-lived The Harper House animated series which aired on Paramount Plus last year. She has no projects lined up as of this story’s filing and did not intend to get into directing as a child when she and her family moved around a lot due to her father’s government job.

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