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Russell Crowe gets nostalgic for ‘Gladiator’ as he takes the kids to visit his ‘old office’

You all look pretty amused.

zeus thor love and thunder
via Marvel Studios

Say what you will about Russell Crowe, he knows how to keep his fans amused. The Thor: Love and Thunder actor recently shared a pic with an admiring crowd as he posed with them near the entrance to The Colosseum in Rome or, as Crowe would have it, his “old office.”

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Crowe’s been having a very Greco-Roman kind of summer. He makes a memorable appearance in one of the season’s most popular movies, Thor: Love and Thunder as the head of the Greek pantheon, Zeus (or Jupiter if you’re feeling more Latin). Crowe practically tears down the celestial scenery as the thunderbolt-wielding King of the Gods in the movie, replete in a full beard, shining muscled breastplate, and a daringly short peplum.

While Crowe’s fashion sense may not be as extravagant in real life, his interest in the classical world remains intact apparently. It’s not known if the Noah star was visiting the Eternal City on business or pleasure, but he was up for interacting with his fans in front of his old “workplace.” As Maximus in Gladiator, Crowe fought numerous battles in the famous Colosseum before facing off with his enemy Emperor Commodus in the film’s climactic battle. And even if the scenes were filmed in Malta on a replica set, you can’t blame the guy for having a soft spot for the genuine article.

If Crowe was taking a break from work, it’s well deserved. The actor has no less than five projects currently in the pipeline at the moment, including Kraven the Hunter, Prizefighter: The Life of Jem Belcher, and The Greatest Beer Run Ever.

Thor: Love and Thunder is currently showing theatrically.