See the stunning new ‘Morbius’ posters released today

It seems almost surreal that we’re two weeks away from the theatrical release of Marvel’s antihero flick Morbius. The film suffered a series of setbacks due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and some fans wondered if we’d ever actually get here. With an April 1 release date, all signs seem to be pointing to the sixth time being a charm in this case.

In anticipation of the big release, new Morbius posters have been released today, and they are stunning.

From the comparison between light and dark in the IMAX poster from Fandango to the Dolby poster seeming to highlight the fight within — it’s clear that Morbius will be as much an emotional transition as it is a physical one.

The concept of a hero or an antihero — in this case — struggling with inner turmoil, isn’t a brand-new idea. Dr. Michael Morbius, however, is undoubtedly dealing with it uniquely. Since childhood, a rare blood disease has plagued him and left him unable to form relationships and live the life he would have dreamed of.

When research from himself and one of his only friends, Emil Nikos, seems promising but not quite a cure, there’s only one option left, an experiment that changes everything. The story of Morbius’ struggle to feel overwhelming power for the first time will be at the core of this film, and the character’s existence in the Marvel realm.

CBR also shared the 4DX poster for Morbius as well as the film’s ScreenX poster. The ScreenX theater technology for Morbius has got to be a thrilling experience, and we can’t think of a better way to see the movie play out than to be almost totally immersed in it.

Morbius hits theaters on April 1, and tickets are on sale now.