‘Seinfeld’ fans celebrate Festivus (and air their grievances) online


Tis the season to be jolly and full of warm-fuzzies. It’s hours until Christmas Day, and we’re all looking forward to the magic that the day brings. It’s also the season to reflect upon the last year, and for some of us — that’s pretty exhausting. So what does one do with the less than peaceful and joyful emotions we’ve got leading into Christmas? Well, you can celebrate Festivus!

Festivus, a fictional holiday “for the rest of us,” originated with Seinfeld, and it’s become a pop culture moment for fans of the series and those who were questioning that whole airing of grievances thing.

What exactly is Festivus, and where can we air our rather lengthy list of grievances?

As We Got This Covered wrote in its explainer,

Taking place on December 23rd each year, the holiday was invented as an alternative to Christmas. Frank Costanza came up with the idea, in gloriously Frank Costanza fashion, after punching a man in the face repeatedly over an argument over a doll he was trying to get for George.

“As I rained blows upon him, I realized, ‘There had to be another way!’” Frank recalled.

Festivus begins with an aluminum pole in one’s room with no decorations as those would be distracting. The meal of Festivus happens next to fuel members before the airing of grievances and the feats of strength. Festivus miracles also occur during the celebration— if you’re lucky (or unlucky), and the festivities only end once the head of the household is pinned during those feats of strength.

While we might not be lining up to pin family members to the ground, several Seinfeld fans are taking to social media to share Festivus celebrations and air several grievances. It’s been a rough couple of years; we think it’s well deserved.

Here are some festive Festivus tweets for you to enjoy!

We really love it when people get their dogs involved in the Festivus traditions.

The grievances are being aired on Twitter today!

We’re all really airing our grievances because of COVID. We absolutely relate to this tweet.

Do you celebrate Festivus? Are you airing grievances today and setting up an aluminum pole? How about taking part in feats of strength? Let’s talk about it … and Happy Festivus to you!