Snyderverse stans should feel vindicated as even a rotten DC blockbuster beat ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ at the box office

avatar the way of water
Image via 20th Century Studios

Let’s be honest here. Avatar: The Way of Water was going to struggle at the box office no matter what. But it couldn’t even beat Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and that’s saying something.

Avatar scored about $134 million in its opening weekend, which isn’t bad but still missed expectations of $175 million, according to CNBC. A certain Snyder-loving fanbase should be very excited about that.

When Batman V. Superman came out in March of 2016, it made around $166 million, handily beating the James Cameron epic. This is especially painful because even Snyder fans have to admit that Batman V. Superman is not a great movie. But they won’t. But still, it’s not good.

The reviews for Avatar, however, are not bad, and word-of-mouth for the movie is pretty good so there’s always the possibility it’ll be a slow burner. The fact that it couldn’t get to the Snyderverse level should still make all those Snyderfans happy.

And they need a win because with James Gunn taking over and basically gutting the Snyderverse, they are not. Just look at some of these takes after Gunn announced Henry Cavill was not going to be continuing in the role.

Gunn is of course married to actress Jennifer Holland, who appeared in Peacemaker as Emilia Harcourt. Snyderverse fans suspect she’ll have a big role to play in the new and improved DCEU.

Here’s another supe fan going off.

Someone else is upset that they keep switching actors.

Regardless, take the win Snyderfans!