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Sony releases a stunning new set of ‘Bullet Train’ character posters featuring Brad Pitt and Momomon

All aboard.

bullet train
Image via Sony Pictures

Deadpool 2 director David Leitch’s upcoming action-comedy thrill ride, Bullet Train, looks to be as filled with characters as it is fight scenes. Thankfully, Sony Pictures recently fired out a series of posters featuring the film’s cavalcade of cast members. Here’s a look at the new artwork and a little bit of what we know about the characters.

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First up is the film’s protagonist, the seasoned assassin known as Ladybug, played by Brad Pitt. He’s looking to get out of the game. But business is going to get in the way.

Next up is The Wolf, played by Latin trap singer Bad Bunny. He’s got a family-sized grudge against Ladybug.

Coming up third is Warrior star Andrew Koji as … a character Sony is playing close to the chest with. Is he here to help Ladybug? Does he know the contents of the mysterious briefcase? Or is he just a guy trying to get to Kyoto?

Joey King plays The Prince. You read that right. Quick on the heels of her action movie debut The Princess, King will play the Prince and take on some of first-rate action movie talent. Does she have what it takes to take the case?

Next up, Brian Tyree Henry and Aaron Taylor-Johnson team up as citrus-themed hitmen Lemon and Tangerine. Brace yourself now for the “Squeeze Play” jokes.

Zazie Beetz’s train attendant will get you to your seats … or perhaps your final destination. Chances are she isn’t what she seems.

Michael Shannon plays White Death. He may be Ladybug’s last stop.

Renowned Japanese actor and martial artist Hiroyuki Sanada plays the Elder. Is he the end of the line?

And there is Momomon.