Stephen King discusses the hot mess that is the Speaker of the House role

stephen king it chapter 2
via Warner Bros.

He’s the sultan of scare, the harbinger of horror, and also apparently a very active Twitter user. Say what you will about Stephen King but the guy loves his social media, and over the years has maintained an incredible active online presence. Whether it’s the latest pop culture news, or what people do when they’re done with the bar soap — Stephen King loves to tweet.

His latest is a bit vulgar, but honestly what else would you expect from ‘ole Stephen anyway? He never holds back, and damnit if we don’t love him for it.

He’s got a point. For a job that so many people actively avoid, why would anyone with high-flying political aspirations pursue the role? Well, for starters, if you want to play the game of politics, it seems like you’re gonna have to do some things you might not want to. Although for representative Kevin McCarthy, your guess is as good as ours.

Stephen King followed up his gem of a tweet with another right behind it, and the only question we have is — what’s he got against Utica? It seems like a nice enough city, to us at least…

Regardless of all the fanfare, it’s clear that celebrities, politics, and everyone in between has an opinion surrounding this latest shakeup within the House of Representatives. Only time will tell what ends up happening after this speaker stalemate is all said and done. Until then, we’re just happy Stephen King is there to share his opinions.