Stephen King Terrifies Twitter With A Special Short Story


Everyone knows Stephen King is the master of horror, but he’s also quickly turning into the master of social media. The best-selling author constantly frequents Twitter to compare the president to those in charge of the Chernobyl disaster or terrify his followers with his signature flair for the macabre. His latest tweet did the latter in a major way. With a few taps on his phone screen, the writer shared an anecdote that the easily frightened won’t soon forget:

“Want a little bedtime story? My friend felt he had a hair caught between his eye and his glasses. He couldn’t get rid of it, so he looked in the mirror. A tick was crawling on his eyeball. Nighty-night, sleep well.”

Yikes. There’s no word on whether or not this tale is actually true, but the fact that it could be is enough to send shivers down plenty of people’s spines. As if the post itself isn’t bad enough, close to thirteen thousand people shared it with their followers. As they say, misery loves company. If those who follow King don’t get to sleep, why should anyone else?

It’s unlikely that this story of his will be adapted into a movie, but it’s highly possible in the current environment. Hollywood seems intent to make and/or remake everything the author has ever written into a full-length feature. A reimagining of Pet Sematary frightened moviegoers across the globe earlier this year, while a sequel to the horrifying blockbuster It will hit theaters in September.

Those will just be the first of many adaptations on the way, as we’re also getting Salem’s LotDoctor Sleep and plenty more. Fans of Stephen King will definitely have more than enough material to keep them satisfied well into the future. If they ever feel like they could use a quick scare though, they can always simply check the writer’s Twitter account. One never knows what brief tales of terror might pop up at any given moment.

Source: Twitter