Steve Aoki And Felix Jaehn Unite On “Can’t Go Home” Ft. Adam Lambert


It looks like Steve Aoki has found the latest producer to collaborate with – if by “collaborate,” I mean that Aoki practically just paid them to produce a track and then slapped his name on it afterwards. He has teamed up with Felix Jaehn on “Can’t Go Home,” a song featuring 2009 American Idol winner Adam Lambert as its vocalist.

As can be expected, nothing that you could even remotely identify as Steve Aoki production hallmarks are evident in the arrangement of “Can’t Go Home.” It fits Jaehn’s melodic German deep house sensibilities to a T, however, suggesting that he played a far more involved role in the creative process than the press photos from their studio session might indicate.

If nothing else, however, Steve Aoki and Felix Jaehn’s “Can’t Go Home” could at least serve to expose the latter artist’s music to a wider audience.