‘Stranger Things 4’ character poster reveals Eleven’s shaved head is back

Eleven in Stranger Things
Image via Netflix

With Stranger Things Four officially just one month away from dropping on Netflix, the marketing campaign is now in full swing, and a brand new character poster has unveiled that fan-favorite Eleven has once again emerged with a shaved head. Eleven’s shocking appearance was revealed in minuscule glimpses during the official trailer for the fourth season — which left fans completely addicted — and this newest poster proves that fans need to prepare themselves for the return of Eleven’s memorable look.

The official Stranger Things Twitter account posted the character poster earlier today, April 27, and included the colorful image with the tagline — “good morning, eleven.” The poster, which can be seen down below, showcases an aesthetically-pleasing red and green saturation and features Eleven in a hospital gown.

This marks the first time that Eleven/Jane Ives (Millie Bobby Brown) has sported a shaved head since the first season of the massive sci-fi hit. Seeing as the Duffer Brothers have already revealed that the upcoming season has a hardened horror vibe, the poster certainly helps to push this agenda with its eerie depiction of one of the show’s most beloved characters — and a look that inspired a plethora of cosplays and Halloween costumes.

It remains to be seen if other popular characters in the series — namely, Hopper, Steve, Joyce, Mike, and the kids’ group — will receive their own character posters as well. For now, folks can sit back and witness Eleven’s return to her season one-inspired ensemble.

Don’t miss Vol. 1 of Stranger Things Four when it arrives on Netflix on May 27.