‘Stranger Things’ fans hoping their outlandish season 5 theories come true

Image via Netflix

Stranger Things fans have a long wait ahead of them until the show’s fifth and final season. Which is why, as any fandom would, they’re keeping themselves busy with speculation about the journey’s end.

The recent fourth run — which broke records for Netflix and became the show’s most acclaimed outing to date — announced to audiences that this is the “beginning of the end,” with Vecna licking his wounds and preparing for one final push against Hawkins and then the rest of the world.

As our characters stand on the edge of the rift between their world and the Upside Down, fans are wondering about some of the things that should definitely happen in the final season, starting with the most plausible theory about the star of season four, the most badass sophomore of Hawkins High, and the only person to defy Vecna: Max Mayfield.

It’d be an interesting development for Max to take his revenge on Vecna, especially since she wouldn’t be able to do much else besides this theory about her conscious self.

Many others, meanwhile, just want to learn more about the Upside Down and its connection to our world. Fortunately, the Duffer Brothers have already promised that season 5 will finally uncover the truth about the other dimension.

Could Will develop powers due to his unsevered connection to the Upside Down? Henry certainly got an upgrade when he went there, so that notion isn’t entirely out of question.

At this point, if the parents don’t figure out the connection between their kids and all these abnormal events, the show might lose all its realism.

Fans of King Steve, aka the Heavenly-Haired Babysitter, are still worried that he might not make it out of season five alive. That’s why the one theory they really hope comes true is his survival against all odds.

What if Mr. Wheeler was secretly the biggest badass of them all, and he got to have his moment in the sun during season five?

Another interesting theory is that Henry only thinks he’s the man behind it all, when in truth the Mind Flayer has been manipulating him since he was a child.

And the most plausible speculation of all — and hear me out — is that the truly Stranger Things was the friendships we made along the way.

At any rate, Stranger Things 5 is expected to start filming in 2023.