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‘Stranger Things’ finally loses its chokehold on the Netflix charts

'Stranger Things 4' may be going strong, but two new competitors have entered.


Exactly a week ago, Netflix’s Stranger Things was storming the global charts, stealing the top spots on “Top 10” lists with all four seasons. There seemed to be no signs of The Duffer Brothers’ science-fiction drama slowing down as it ruled the around-the-world charts with an iron fist. However, where all four seasons of Stranger Things were dominating the lists as of June 12, the following week is when the tables turned. Now, as of June 19, only Stranger Things 4 and Stranger Things 3 remain in the runnings for Netflix’s top seasons. Previously, it was Stranger Things 4, 2, 1 and 3 (in that order) that had snagged the top four spots, but now the charts read very differently.

Stranger Things 4 still rules the roost at number one with 102,260,000 hours viewed, which is likely to be the case until mid-July, especially with Volume Two on the way. “Chapter Seven: The Massacre at Hawkins Lab” left quite the cliffhanger and much to be desired following a shocking reveal.

The sixth season of the British drama series Peaky Blinders overthrows Stranger Things 2 with 61,360,000 hours viewed for second place, presumably because fans are reliving the finale, “Lock and Key,” which aired on April 3, 2022. Peaky Blinders ran for nine years, starting out with an untitled “Episode 1” back in September 2013. Right after Game of Thrones finished airing on May 19, 2019, it found its forever-home on streaming services and — like Peaky Blinders — fans were looking to relive the thrilling conclusion (despite heavy criticism).

Victoria Schwab’s teen drama series First Kill aired its first season on June 10, 2022, subsequently reaching third place on the global charts the following week. Schwab’s Netflix Original follows teen vampire Juliette as she looks to make her first kill and sets her sights on Calliope, a romantic interest who turns out to be a monster hunter. From then on, things get difficult as two rival species navigate love and betrayal. First Kill has accumulated over 48,770,000 hours viewed, quickly establishing itself as a force to be reckoned with among competitors.

Still, Stranger Things won’t be giving up that easily. Right now, Stranger Things 3 sits right above Stranger Things 2 with 38,900,000 hours viewed and 38,660,000 hours viewed, respectively, which would be a pretty close call if both seasons weren’t from the same series. Even though Peaky Blinders and First Kill have joined the ranks, Stranger Things still sits pretty comfortably as it awaits the finale of its fourth season, which drops on July 1.

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