The Chainsmokers Revisit Creative Process Behind “Roses” In New Video


Forget DJ sets – it’s perfectly common to hear The Chainsmokers‘ 2015 hit, “Roses,” in the grocery store nowadays. The duo’s career-redefining release has become so widely celebrated that even after Drew revealed how he made the drop in a production tutorial video, music fans have called for more insight into the making of the track.

In a new video uploaded to Billboard’s YouTube channel, Drew and Alex discuss different aspects of how “Roses” came together – namely, how they ended up collaborating with the track’s featured vocalist, Rozes. Among other things, the duo reveals that Drew recorded a vocal sample himself, a subtle element of the arrangement that makes Rozes’ contribution “sound super full and awesome,” as Drew puts it.

With the 2016 festival season now underway, we can’t wait to see what else The Chainsmokers have got in store for us. Until they drop their next track, though, check out the video above and get a bit of insight into how they made “Roses.”