The Commonwealth’s Pamela Milton shines in new ‘The Walking Dead’ clip

The Walking Dead

To trust or not to trust — that is the question fans, and characters of The Walking Dead are asking in terms of the promising new community, The Commonwealth. That rings especially true after a new clip surfaced highlighting the Commonwealth’s governor.

The exclusive shows a sneak peek of the Halloween festivities taking place in the Commonwealth and introduces us to Governor Pamela Milton. Milton, played by Laila Robins, showcases that she’s already a force to be reckoned with.

While she’s welcoming and cheerful, it’s clear that our favorite characters sense something bubbling beneath the surface. Milton is seen revealing the winner of a costume contest for the children in the Commonwealth, and she’s all smiles and gifts. But it’s evident that there’s something eerie behind her thousand-watt smile.

As Daryl and Carol discuss Milton, Connie and Kelly come up to them and begin talking about Connie’s job as a reporter. You can tell Connie is happy to be working again, but this isn’t exactly “hard hitting” news as she describes it. Kelly then brings up that Connie knew Milton pre-“the world falling” and was responsible for getting her uncle kicked out of office.

Will we see implications from Connie joining the Commonwealth due to her history with Milton? Is Daryl onto something in not immediately trusting her? Those answers, and more, will be answered as The Walking Dead‘s 11th season continues.