The Forsaken set foot upon the world in new ‘Wheel of Time’ season 2 sneak peek


We’re still a long way away from the Last Battle and the second prophecized breaking of the world at the hands of the Dragon Reborn, but The Wheel of Time is here to fuel your hype with a sneak peek at the goods it will have in store for fans in the second season.

Having wrapped up filming ages ago, the crew is currently hammering away in post-production and almost ready to give us a proper look at season 2. But before that, Rafe Judkins and co. are hoping this 30-second sneak peek, released during the show’s NYCC panel, will be enough to quench your Wheel of Time thirst.

Amazon also released a pair of images that introduce us to new additions to the crew. Meet Cera Coveney’s Elayne Trakand and Donal Finn’s Matrim Cauthon.

The teaser features a number of fast-cutting frames that highlight certain elements from the next outing, which is supposed to adapt the second and third books in the saga, The Great Hunt and The Dragon Reborn, respectively. In it, we see Ishamael, the head of the Forsaken, stirring again after being freed from his prison.

The rest of his allies are no doubt on the move, too, while the remnants of Arthur Hawkwing’s once-proud empire return to the Westlands in the guise of the Seanchan to conquer the nations in the name of their ancestor. Padan Fain is another thread in the Pattern and will be of interest to our protagonist after stealing the Horn of Valere.

We can’t wait to get into this and more when The Wheel of Time returns sometime in 2023.