The inevitable petitions for Henry Cavill’s Superman to return aren’t going as expected

Superman Man of Steel Henry Cavill
Image via Warner Bros.

People may still be processing the news that Henry Cavill, despite his recent Black Adam cameo, is hanging up his cape at DC studios after CEOs Peter Safran and James Gunn’s decision to explore a younger version of Superman, but it seems that the fans are reluctantly accepting the fact without the expected uproar. At least if the online petitions are any indicator.

Although the three movies featuring Cavill as Superman, Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and both versions of Justice League drew mixed reviews, they didn’t detract from Cavill’s popularity as the latest actor to portray the Man of Tomorrow. Many hoped that Cavill was getting another bite at the apple under the new management, but it appears that’s no longer in the cards.

However, that hasn’t stopped some of the most dedicated fans from filing a formal protest of the decision. There are currently no fewer than four petitions on asking in one way or another that Cavill be allowed to hold onto his blue tights. But there doesn’t seem to be a lot of fan interest despite the plethora of petitions.

The most popular of the four, addressed to Warner Brothers CEO David Zaslav, demands not only Cavill’s return but Gunn’s dismissal (Safran appears to have ducked the wrath of the organizer). The demands read like a poison pen letter, and the petition openly mocks the plan to highlight a younger version of Superman, comparing it to the WB show Smallville and stating that “we wish to see of Superman is the same we wish to see of Batman; him in his prime, not Smallville 2.0.”

However, the petition in question only has some 600 plus signatures. Enough to get it to the website’s recommendations, but probably a far cry from what would convince Warner to axe Gunn. The other petitions are all still under 100 signatures at this time. And while it seems there will always be a hue and cry to “restore the Snyderverse” it looks as if the DC fandom is largely taking this new decision sitting down.